Shikisai Hill

Shikisai Hill in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan, is a panoramic flower garden known for its vivid, seasonally changing colors. The vast area showcases a variety of flowers against the picturesque backdrop of Hokkaido’s rolling hills, attracting visitors for its scenic beauty and peaceful ambiance.

Shikisai Hill, or Shikisai-no-Oka, is a sprawling flower garden located in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan.

Spanning about 15 hectares, it offers visitors a vibrant tapestry of flowers from spring through autumn.

Established to showcase the beauty of Biei’s natural landscape, the garden features tulips, lavender, sunflowers, and many other varieties, creating a picturesque scenery unique to Hokkaido.

Its inception was driven by the desire to enhance the charm of Biei’s already stunning vistas, making it a symbolic representation of Hokkaido’s agricultural and natural beauty.

What makes Shikisai Hill special is its breathtaking panoramic views that blend the vivid colors of various flowers with the natural contours of the Hokkaido landscape.

The garden’s design allows for an ever-changing display, ensuring that each visit can offer a different experience depending on the season.

The hill’s unique position and carefully curated selection of flowers maximize the natural undulating terrain, making it a photographer’s paradise and a tranquil retreat for visitors seeking the serene beauty of rural Japan.

  • Japan, 〒071-0473 Hokkaido, Kamikawa District, Biei, Shinsei, 第3
  • 9:10 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Asahikawa Station

Shikisai Hill Travel Essentials

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Shikisai Hill tickets and entrance fees

Access to Shikisai Hill varies seasonally, with the garden generally open to the public for free, though donations are welcomed.

Specific attractions within the park, such as tractor bus tours offering guided exploration of the vast area, might require a fee, typically around 500 yen ($3.38 USD).

Additional activities and amenities, including rental carts and a souvenir shop, are available for a complete visiting experience, with prices varying based on the activity.

Is the Shikisai Hill worth visiting?

Visiting Shikisai Hill is highly recommended for those who appreciate natural beauty and serene landscapes. It offers a unique opportunity to see the harmonious blend of agricultural innovation and natural beauty.

The ever-changing tapestry of flowers against the backdrop of Hokkaido’s mountains and clear skies provides a peaceful yet striking experience, making it a worthwhile destination for photographers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to experience the distinct charm of rural Japan.

How to get to Shikisai Hill

The easiest way to visit Shirahige Waterfall is by car from Asahikawa or Furano, as public transport options are limited. From Asahikawa, take Route 237 towards Biei and then switch to Route 966 towards Shirogane.

Getting to Shikisai Hill requires a bit of planning, as it is located in the countryside. The most convenient way for international visitors is to fly into New Chitose Airport in Sapporo and then take a train or bus to Asahikawa or Furano.

From there, rental cars are available and offer the most flexibility for visiting the hill and surrounding attractions in Biei.

There is no direct public transportation to Shikisai Hill, so driving or joining a local tour from nearby cities like Asahikawa or Furano is the best option to reach this scenic destination.

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