Campana Rokkatei

Campana Rokkatei in Furano, Hokkaido, is a picturesque cafe and shop known for its scenic views and offering a variety of sweets, including the locally famous melon-flavored treats, amidst the lush landscapes of Hokkaido’s countryside.

Campana Rokkatei is a renowned confectionery outlet located in Furano, Hokkaido, Japan.

Established as part of Rokkatei’s expansion, it combines a shop with a cafe offering a panoramic view of the Furano landscape.

Known for its delectable sweets, including signature melon-flavored treats, Campana Rokkatei embraces the rich agricultural heritage of Hokkaido by incorporating local ingredients into its products.

It also serves as a cultural beacon, showcasing local art and crafts, making it more than just a confectionery spot.

What sets Campana Rokkatei apart is its unique blend of culinary delight and scenic beauty. It is strategically situated to offer stunning views of Furano’s natural splendor, making the experience of enjoying its famed sweets, such as melon-flavored confections and seasonal treats, even more special.

The incorporation of local ingredients into its offerings not only highlights the region’s agricultural richness but also supports local farmers, emphasizing sustainability and community engagement.

  • Shimizuyama, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0048, Japan
  • 10:30 AM – 4 PM
  • Furano Station
  • from $15 USD

Campana Rokkatei Travel Essentials

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Campana Rokkatei tickets and entrance fees

Access to Campana Rokkatei is generally free, focusing on the purchase of its sweets and the dining experience in the cafe.

Prices for its confections vary, with individual sweets and gift boxes available, catering to different budgets. The cafe’s pricing is in line with standard Japanese cafes, offering a range of options from affordable snacks to more substantial meals.

Is Campana Rokkatei worth visiting?

Campana Rokkatei is definitely worth visiting for those traveling through Hokkaido. Its combination of exquisite sweets, incorporating local flavors and ingredients, alongside the breathtaking views of the Furano landscape, provides a memorable experience.

It’s a perfect spot for those looking to savor the essence of Hokkaido through taste and sight, making it a must-visit for foodies and nature lovers alike.

How to get to Campana Rokkatei

If traveling from Sapporo, the most common route to Campana Rokkatei is to take a train to Furano Station. From there, visitors can opt for a local bus or taxi to reach the site, which is a short distance away from the city center.

For those driving, it’s accessible via Route 237, a scenic drive that offers a glimpse into Hokkaido’s stunning natural landscapes. Parking is available on-site, making it convenient for visitors exploring the area by car.