Furano Cheese Factory

The Furano Cheese Factory in Hokkaido, Japan, is a popular tourist destination offering insights into cheese production.

The Furano Cheese Factory, nestled in Hokkaido, Japan, is an emblem of the region’s rich dairy industry, established to showcase the art of cheese-making.

Renowned for producing high-quality dairy, Furano’s fertile lands contribute to the flavorful cheese varieties created here.

The facility offers an educational glimpse into the process of cheese production, from milk pasteurization to aging, and includes hands-on workshops for butter, ice cream, and cheese making.

Its establishment reflects Furano’s agricultural heritage and commitment to dairy excellence, inviting visitors to explore a pivotal aspect of local culinary culture.

What sets the Furano Cheese Factory apart is its immersive experience in dairy production and its integration into the picturesque landscape of Hokkaido.

Visitors can participate in cheese-making workshops, which give them a unique, hands-on experience. The variety of dairy products available for tasting, including the region’s renowned soft cheeses and milk ice cream, highlights the quality of local ingredients.

The factory’s open design allows guests to witness the intricate cheese-making process, emphasizing education and engagement in the culinary arts.

  • Shimizuyama, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0048, Japan
  • 11 AM – 8 PM daily
  • Furano Station
  • from $15 USD

Furano Cheese Factory Travel Essentials

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Furano Cheese Factory tickets and entrance fees

Access to the Furano Cheese Factory is generally free, allowing visitors to explore the facility and observe the cheese-making process without charge. However, for those interested in a more hands-on experience, workshops for making butter, ice cream, and cheese are available for a small fee, ranging from approximately 500 to 2,000 yen ($3-$14 USD).

These workshops provide a deeper understanding of dairy production and the chance to create personalized dairy products, offering both fun and educational value for a modest price.

Is Furano Cheese Factory worth visiting?

The Furano Cheese Factory is worth visiting for those interested in culinary arts, agriculture, or simply looking for a unique experience in Hokkaido. It offers a rare glimpse into the world of dairy production, complemented by the beauty of Furano’s natural landscape.

The workshops provide a memorable, interactive way to learn about cheese making, while the variety of dairy products available for tasting ensures that visitors can appreciate the quality of local ingredients. It’s a distinctive attraction that combines education, engagement, and culinary delight.

How to get to Furano Cheese Factory

To get to the Furano Cheese Factory, visitors can take a train to Furano Station and then a bus or taxi for the short journey to the factory. The factory is located just a few kilometers outside of central Furano, making it easily accessible by public transportation.

Buses run regularly from Furano Station to the factory, offering a convenient option for travelers without a car. Additionally, renting a car for a scenic ride through Furano’s beautiful countryside to the factory is an enjoyable alternative for those seeking an active way to explore the area.