Furano Wine House

Furano Wine House in Furano, Hokkaido, is a popular vineyard and restaurant offering tastings of locally produced wines alongside picturesque views of the surrounding lavender fields.

Furano Wine House is a renowned winery located in Furano, Hokkaido, established to utilize the region’s unique terroir for grape cultivation.

Known for producing a variety of wines that capture the essence of Hokkaido’s rich soil and climate, the winery has become a symbol of local agricultural success and innovation.

It offers a glimpse into Japan’s wine production amidst stunning landscapes.

What makes Furano Wine House special is its picturesque setting among lavender fields and its dedication to crafting wines that reflect the local terroir.

It’s a unique blend of natural beauty and culinary artistry, offering visitors a taste of Hokkaido’s finest wines in a breathtaking environment.

The ability to sample wines made with grapes grown in the cool climate of Hokkaido sets it apart from other wine regions in Japan.

  • Shimizuyama, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0048, Japan
  • 11 AM – 8 PM daily
  • Furano Station
  • from $15 USD

Furano Wine House Travel Essentials

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Furano Wine House tickets and entrance fees

Access to Furano Wine House varies; while there’s no entrance fee for the winery itself, wine tastings and tours have associated costs. Prices for wine-tasting sessions can vary, offering a selection of wines to sample.

Is Furano Wine House worth visiting?

Visiting Furano Wine House is worth it for those interested in wine, agriculture, or scenic beauty. It offers a unique opportunity to explore Japanese winemaking and enjoy the serene landscapes of Hokkaido.

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or looking for a picturesque spot to relax, Furano Wine House provides a memorable experience.

How to get to Furano Wine House

To get to Furano Wine House, the most convenient method is by car, as it allows direct access and the flexibility to explore the surrounding area.

Public transportation options include taking a train to Furano Station and then a bus or taxi for the final stretch to the winery. The journey offers scenic views of Hokkaido’s countryside, making the trip an integral part of the experience.