Goryokaku is a star-shaped fort located in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. It is renowned for its historical significance and as a popular cherry blossom viewing spot. The fort, now a public park, represents a unique blend of Japanese history and natural beauty.

Goryokaku, constructed between 1857 and 1864, is a star-shaped, Western-style fort in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.

It was designed for defense purposes, utilizing its unique shape to provide a wider range for cannons and minimize blind spots.

The fort played a crucial role in the Boshin War, particularly during the Battle of Hakodate, marking the end of the Edo Period and the transition to the Meiji Restoration.

Today, it’s a historic park, famous for its cherry blossoms and the panoramic views from Goryokaku Tower.

Goryokaku stands out for its distinctive star shape, designed for strategic military defense, which is rare in Japan.

This historical site, now a public park, draws visitors especially during cherry blossom season, with over 1,600 cherry trees making it a spectacular sight.

The Goryokaku Tower offers a breathtaking aerial view of the fort and its surroundings, providing a unique perspective on this architectural marvel and its natural beauty.

  • 44-2 Goryokakucho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0001, Japan
  • 5 AM – 6 PM daily
  • free admission
  • JR Hakodate Station

Goryokaku Travel Essentials

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Goryokaku tickets and entrance fees

Entrance to Goryokaku Park is free, offering an accessible way for visitors to explore its historical grounds and natural beauty. However, to access Goryokaku Tower, adults are charged 900 yen ($6 USD).

The tower offers not only historical exhibits about the fort but also panoramic views of Hakodate and the surrounding area.

Tour options, including guided walks of the park, vary in price and offer detailed insights into the fort’s history and significance.

Is Goryokaku worth visiting?

Goryokaku is definitely worth visiting for those interested in Japanese history, architecture, and natural beauty. Its unique star shape, rich historical background, and beautiful cherry blossoms make it a standout destination.

How to get to Goryokaku

To reach Goryokaku in Hakodate, take the Hakodate City Tram to the Goryokaku Koen Mae stop, which is a short walk from the park. The tram ride takes about 15 minutes from JR Hakodate Station.

Alternatively, the Hakodate Bus also serves routes that stop near Goryokaku. For those driving, parking is available near Goryokaku Park and Tower. The accessibility by public transport and car makes Goryokaku an easy and convenient destination for visitors exploring Hakodate.

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