Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park, located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, is a popular urban oasis featuring expansive green spaces, a zoo, and the famous Maruyama Hill, offering serene walks and picnicking spots amidst rich flora and fauna, making it a favored destination for nature lovers and families.

Maruyama Park, established in the early 20th century, is a celebrated public park in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

It spans over 70 hectares, featuring Maruyama Zoo, a baseball stadium, and the Hokkaido Shrine. Renowned for its cherry blossoms, the park attracts visitors especially during spring.

Historically, it has been a vital recreational and cultural spot, reflecting Japan’s commitment to preserving natural beauty within urban environments, offering a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle.

The park’s allure lies in its natural beauty and cultural significance. It houses diverse flora and fauna, including several cherry blossom varieties that bloom spectacularly in spring, drawing crowds for hanami (flower viewing) festivals.

The adjacent Hokkaido Shrine adds a spiritual dimension, making it a unique blend of nature and tradition.

This combination, along with year-round accessibility and events like the Sapporo Snow Festival sculptures in winter, makes Maruyama Park a distinct and cherished spot.

  • Japan, 〒064-0959 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Miyagaoka, 3
  • open 24 hours
  • free admission
  • Sapporo Station

Maruyama Park Travel Essentials

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Maruyama Park tickets and entrance fees

Entrance to Maruyama Park is free, offering an affordable experience for all visitors. However, specific attractions within the park, like Maruyama Zoo, may charge admission fees (approximately 600 yen [$4 USD] for adults for the zoo). Events and festivals could have separate charges.

Is Maruyama Park worth visiting?

Maruyama Park is unequivocally worth visiting. Its scenic landscapes offer a peaceful retreat in all seasons, from the cherry blossoms in spring to the lush greenery in summer and colorful foliage in autumn.

Winter brings a magical snow-covered scene. The park’s blend of natural beauty, cultural significance, and recreational activities, coupled with free access, makes it an essential destination for tourists and locals alike, providing a rich, immersive experience into Japan’s natural and cultural heritage.

How to get to Maruyama Park

To get to Maruyama Park, take the Sapporo Subway Tozai Line to Maruyama Koen Station. From there, it’s about a 5-minute walk to the park entrance. Alternatively, visitors can take a bus from Sapporo Station, which takes around 15 minutes to the nearest bus stop, then a short walk to the park.

For those driving, parking is available but can be limited, especially during peak seasons. The park’s central location in Sapporo makes it easily accessible by public transport, offering a convenient option for visitors exploring the city.

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