Sapporo Fujino Winery

Sapporo Fujino Winery, located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, is a celebrated winery known for producing premium wines using locally grown grapes. It offers picturesque vineyard views, wine tastings, and tours, showcasing the rich wine-making heritage and natural beauty of Hokkaido.

Sapporo Fujino Winery, established in the scenic outskirts of Sapporo, Hokkaido, is a testament to Japan’s burgeoning wine culture.

This winery is dedicated to producing high-quality wines, leveraging Hokkaido’s unique climate and terroir.

It has gained recognition for its sustainable practices and use of local grape varieties, contributing to the diversification and richness of Japanese wine.

What sets Sapporo Fujino Winery apart is its commitment to local grape cultivation and environmentally friendly wine production methods.

Its location in Hokkaido, a region not traditionally known for winemaking, adds a unique character to its wines.

The winery’s picturesque setting, combined with its innovative approaches to viticulture and winemaking, make it a standout destination for wine enthusiasts.

  • Japan, γ€’061-2271 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Minami Ward, Fujino, 670-1 γ•γ£γ½γ‚θ—€ι‡Žγƒ―γ‚€γƒŠγƒͺ
  • 11 AM – 5 PM daily
  • closed on Tuesdays
  • Teine Station

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Sapporo Fujino Winery tickets and entrance fees

Access to Sapporo Fujino Winery varies; while basic vineyard tours and tastings may be offered for a nominal fee, specialized experiences and premium wine tastings can cost more. It’s advisable to check their official website or contact them directly for the most current pricing and available tours.

Is Sapporo Fujino Winery worth visiting?

Visiting Sapporo Fujino Winery offers a unique opportunity to explore Japan’s wine culture in a stunning natural setting. The experience of tasting wines made from locally grown grapes, coupled with the beauty of the Hokkaido landscape, makes it a worthwhile visit for anyone interested in wine, nature, or Japanese culture.

How to get to Sapporo Fujino Winery

Reaching Sapporo Fujino Winery involves a journey from Sapporo city center. The most convenient way is to drive, which takes about 30-40 minutes.

Public transport options may include a combination of trains and buses, but schedules and routes should be carefully checked as services might be infrequent. Renting a car or taking a taxi offers the most flexibility for visitors without their own transport.

Things to do in Sapporo Fujino Winery