Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is a famed intersection outside Shibuya Station, known as one of the busiest pedestrian crosswalks in the world.

Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing is a quintessential symbol of the city’s fast-paced life and a must-see for visitors.

Located in front of Shibuya Station, this intersection is renowned for the massive crowds that cross in all directions with each light cycle, against a backdrop of towering digital billboards and neon lights.

Historically, Shibuya has evolved from a suburban railway stop in the 1880s to a major commercial and entertainment hub, with the crossing at its heart.

The area’s transformation reflects Tokyo’s rapid urban growth and its role as a trendsetting center.

  • Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan
  • open 24 hours
  • Shibuya Station

Shibuya Crossing Travel Essentials

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Is the Shibuya Crossing worth visiting?

Visiting Shibuya Crossing is highly recommended for travelers seeking to experience the pulsating heart of Tokyo. It offers a firsthand view of the city’s dynamic energy and organized chaos. The crossing is not just about the crowds; it’s a cultural phenomenon that represents the convergence of technology, fashion, and tradition.

It’s also an exceptional spot for photography, capturing the essence of Tokyo’s urban landscape. Beyond the crossing, Shibuya is a vibrant district filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it a worthwhile visit for anyone interested in exploring Tokyo’s diverse facets.

How to get to Shibuya Crossing

To get to Shibuya Crossing, the most straightforward route is via Shibuya Station, accessible by multiple train lines, including the JR Yamanote Line, Hachiko Line, and Tokyo Metro lines (Ginza, Hanzomon, and Fukutoshin).

Upon exiting the station through the Hachiko Exit, you’ll find yourself facing the crossing. Shibuya Station is well-connected, making it easily reachable from any part of Tokyo.

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