Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Park is a theme park in Sapporo, Hokkaido, centered around the famous Shiroi Koibito cookie, featuring a factory tour, cookie-making experiences, and a European-style garden.

Shiroi Koibito Park is a thematic attraction in Sapporo, Hokkaido, operated by Ishiya, a local confectionery company.

Opened in 1995, it celebrates the iconic Shiroi Koibito cookie, a chocolate-filled biscuit that has been a Hokkaido souvenir favorite since 1976.

The park includes a factory tour where visitors can observe the production process, a museum dedicated to the history of chocolate, hands-on cookie-making experiences, beautifully themed gardens, and a cafe serving sweets and light meals.

Shiroi Koibito Park stands out for blending a confectionery factory experience with the charm of a European village, offering a unique insight into the craftsmanship behind the beloved Shiroi Koibito cookie.

Visitors can indulge in the world of sweets through interactive exhibits, cookie-making classes, and tasting sessions.

The park’s picturesque setting, complete with a European-style garden and seasonal decorations, makes it a visually appealing destination beyond its culinary appeal

  • 2 Chome-11-36 Miyanosawa 2 Jo, Nishi Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0052, Japan
  • 10 AM – 7 PM
  • from $5 USD
  • Sapporo Station

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Shiroi Koibito Park tickets and entrance fees

Entrance to Shiroi Koibito Park is free, but there are fees for specific attractions inside. The factory tour costs around 600-1200 yen for adults, with varying prices for children. Prices for cookie-making experiences differ based on the activity chosen, ranging from 1000 to 2000 yen. These activities offer a hands-on approach to the confectionery-making process, allowing visitors to create their own cookies or chocolates.

Is Shiroi Koibito Park worth visiting?

Shiroi Koibito Park offers a unique combination of culinary and cultural experiences, making it a worthwhile visit for those interested in Japanese confectionery and culture. The factory tour provides an insightful look into the production of a regional specialty, while the hands-on activities offer fun for all ages. The park’s enchanting European-inspired architecture and gardens add to the allure, making it a captivating destination for both food enthusiasts and families.

How to get to Shiroi Koibito Park

Located in western Sapporo, Shiroi Koibito Park is accessible by public transport. From Sapporo Station, take the JR Bus (Miyanosawa Line) to the Miyanosawa 2 Jo 3 Chome stop, then walk for about 5 minutes. Alternatively, take the Tozai Subway Line to Miyanosawa Station, the final stop, and walk for about 10 minutes. For those driving, parking is available on site. Signs and maps in the subway and bus stations provide clear directions for visitors.

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