27 best restaurants in Tokyo categorized by cuisine

Discover the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan categorized by cuisine. From the best sushi to the top-rated izakayas, this list covers all types of dishes!

Tokyo, a city renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, is home to an impressive array of dining experiences that cater to every palate and preference.

From the bustling streets of Shibuya to the serene neighborhoods of Ginza, these best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, offer an unparalleled exploration of flavors, traditions, and innovations.

This city, a melting pot of culinary excellence, boasts an endless variety of eateries, ranging from Michelin-starred establishments that redefine gastronomy to hidden gems that preserve the authentic essence of Japanese cuisine.

Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Tokyo that covers all cuisine and famous Japanese dishes!

1. Kobichiko Tomoki: best restaurant in Tokyo for sushi

Kobichiko Tomoki stands as a pinnacle of culinary excellence, often lauded among the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, especially for those in pursuit of the quintessential sushi experience.

Specializing in sushi, the restaurant sources the freshest, highest quality fish daily from the markets of Tokyo. Beyond the classic sushi offerings, the menu also features a variety of innovative dishes that showcase the chefs’ creativity and mastery of Japanese cuisine.

Engage with the omakase experience. This option allows the chef to showcase their expertise and creativity, offering you a personalized dining experience that goes beyond the menu.

It’s not only a chance to taste the best of what Kobichiko Tomoki has to offer but also to immerse yourself in the cultural tradition of trust and respect between chef and diner.

2. Tempura Kondo: best restaurant in Tokyo for tempura

Tempura Kondo is often cited as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, for tempura, offering an unparalleled dining experience that highlights the subtlety and finesse of Japanese cuisine.

The food served here elevates tempura to an art form. Each piece of seafood and vegetable is coated in a light, crispy batter and fried to perfection, showcasing the ingredients’ natural flavors.

Pay attention to the chef’s recommendations for dipping sauces and salt to enhance the flavors of your tempura.

Engaging with the chef and asking for his advice will not only enrich your dining experience but also provide insight into the intricacies of tempura-making.

Tempura Kondo offers a culinary journey that goes beyond mere dining, making it a must-visit for those seeking the best tempura in Tokyo.

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3. RyuGin: best of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan

RyuGin stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, renowned among the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for Japanese food.

The food served at RyuGin is a celebration of Japan’s seasons, with the menu changing to reflect the freshest ingredients available. The restaurant is famous for its kaiseki cuisine, a multi-course meal that showcases the chef’s ability to harmonize flavors, textures, and presentation.

Reserve their dining experience well in advance and express any dietary preferences. This allows the chef to tailor the meal to your tastes and ensures a personalized experience that is both memorable and uniquely RyuGin.

4. Yuan Yamori: best soba restaurant in Tokyo

Yuan Yamori is celebrated among the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for soba, offering a sublime dining experience that honors the simplicity and elegance of this beloved Japanese dish.

The menu offers a variety of soba dishes, both cold and hot, allowing diners to appreciate the delicate flavors and textures of the noodles. The broth and dipping sauces, meticulously prepared from scratch, enhance the soba experience, bringing depth and complexity to the dishes.

Explore the seasonal specialties and ask for recommendations on sake pairings. The staff at Yuan Yamori are knowledgeable and eager to share insights into the world of soba and sake, offering a richer dining experience.

5. Ishibashi: best restaurant in Tokyo for unagi

Ishibashi is hailed as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for unagi (eel), delivering an exceptional dining experience that focuses on this luxurious delicacy.

Unagi, is prepared in the classic kabayaki style, where the eel is grilled to perfection and glazed with a sweet soy-based sauce. This meticulous preparation highlights the unagi’s rich, tender texture and deep flavors, making each bite a moment of culinary bliss.

The menu also features a variety of dishes that incorporate unagi, allowing diners to explore different facets of this delicacy.

Order a full unagi course meal, which offers a comprehensive experience of this specialty. Additionally, visiting Ishibashi during the summer, the peak season for unagi, ensures the freshest and most flavorful experience.

6. Yakitori Omino: best Yakitori restaurant in Tokyo

Yakitori Omino is acclaimed as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for yakitori, captivating diners with its mastery of this beloved Japanese grilled chicken cuisine.

The food served at Yakitori Omino emphasizes the quality and variety of its chicken, using every part of the bird to offer a wide range of flavors and textures.

From succulent thigh pieces to crispy skin, each skewer is grilled to perfection over charcoal, infusing it with a smoky richness that is both simple and profoundly satisfying.

Ask the chef for his special recommendations and experiment with different types of sake or local beers that complement the yakitori.

7. Daigo: best shojin restaurant in Tokyo

Daigo stands out among the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for those who want to try shojin, a Buddhist vegetarian cuisine.

The food served at Daigo is a testament to the creativity and depth of vegetarian cuisine, with each dish crafted from seasonal ingredients to achieve a harmonious balance of flavors, colors, and textures.

The multi-course menu is a journey through the various expressions of shojin ryori, showcasing the chef’s dedication to elevating plant-based cuisine to the level of fine dining.

Daigo offers a unique opportunity to experience the artistry and philosophy of Buddhist cuisine in a setting that is both luxurious and contemplative.

8. Ginza Kitafuku: best restaurant in Tokyo for crab specialties

Ginza Kitafuku is renowned as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for crab specialties, presenting diners with an unparalleled celebration of this exquisite seafood.

The food served here is a comprehensive tribute to crab, utilizing various species and preparation methods to showcase the ingredient’s versatility and depth of flavor.

From succulent king crab legs steamed to perfection to rich crab hot pots that warm the soul, each dish is carefully constructed to highlight the crab’s natural sweetness and texture.

Order the full-course crab kaiseki, allowing for a complete exploration of this delicacy. Additionally, consulting with the staff on sake pairings can elevate the dining experience, as they can recommend selections that complement the flavors of the crab.

9. Jo: best yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo

Jo is celebrated among the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for yakiniku, drawing in connoisseurs with its exceptional selection of Japanese wagyu beef.

The menu offers a variety of preparation methods, from succulent steaks grilled to perfection to delicate slices of beef served in a shabu-shabu or sukiyaki style, allowing diners to appreciate the full spectrum of wagyu’s culinary potential.

Ask the staff about the different grades and regions of wagyu available, as this can greatly enhance the dining experience by tailoring it to personal preferences. Explore the restaurant’s wine list for pairings that complement the richness of the beef.

Jo provides an exquisite journey into the world of Japanese beef, making it an essential destination for those seeking the best yakiniku in Tokyo.

10. Chugokusai Zen Raku Bou: best Chinese food in Tokyo

Chugokusai Zen Raku Bou is celebrated among the best Chinese restaurants in Tokyo Japan offering a refined dining experience that transcends the typical expectations of Chinese cuisine.

The food served at Chugokusai Zen Raku Bou showcases the diversity and richness of Chinese cuisine, with a menu that spans the various regions of China.

From succulent Peking duck that’s expertly roasted to achieve crispy skin and tender meat, to delicate dim sum, and bold Sichuan dishes that tantalize the palate with their complexity, every dish is prepared with authenticity and flair.

Explore the chef’s specialties and seasonal dishes, which are often based on ingredients that are at their peak. Additionally, ask for tea pairing suggestions as the restaurant prides itself on its selection of fine Chinese teas.

11. Yaumay: best dim sum restaurant in Tokyo

Yaumay stands out as one of the best dim sum restaurants in Tokyo Japan, bringing the delicate art of dim sum to the heart of the city with unparalleled skill and creativity.

The food served at Yaumay is a celebration of dim sum’s variety and intricacy. The menu features a wide array of dim sum, from traditional favorites like har gow (shrimp dumplings) and siu mai (pork dumplings), to innovative creations that push the boundaries of this Cantonese culinary tradition.

Visit during the weekend brunch, where the restaurant offers an expanded selection of dim sum, making it an ideal time to sample the breadth of the menu.

Yaumay provides an exceptional dim sum experience, marrying traditional techniques with modern gastronomy, making it the go-to destination for dim sum lovers in Tokyo.

12. Usukifugu Yamadaya: best restaurant in Tokyo for fugu

Usukifugu Yamadaya is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, for fugu (pufferfish), offering an exquisite dining experience centered around this luxurious delicacy.

The menu offers a variety of fugu preparations, from the delicate, paper-thin slices of sashimi to hot pots where the fish’s subtle flavors are brought to the forefront. Each dish showcases the unique texture and taste of fugu, making it a must-try for adventurous eaters.

Don’t order. Trust the chef’s omakase (chef’s choice) menu, which offers a curated experience of the best fugu dishes, allowing diners to fully appreciate this rare ingredient.

Visit Usukifugu Yamadaya during the fugu season, typically from October to March, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful experience. Usukifugu Yamadaya offers a unique opportunity to safely enjoy fugu, prepared by masters of the craft.

13. Tokihami: best Izakaya restaurant in Tokyo

Tokihami is hailed as the best izakaya among the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, for epitomizing the spirit of Japanese gastropubs.

Tokihami captures the essence of izakaya dining, with a diverse menu that includes everything from grilled skewers and fresh sashimi to hearty stews and seasonal specialties.

The dishes are designed for sharing, encouraging a communal dining experience that is at the heart of the izakaya culture. The selection of beverages, including sake, beer, and shochu, complements the menu perfectly, enhancing the flavors of the food.

Explore the menu’s variety and ask the staff for pairing suggestions to discover new flavors and combinations. Engaging with the staff or fellow diners adds to the authentic izakaya experience!

14. Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku: best onigiri restaurant in Tokyo

Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku, known as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for onigiri, offers a nostalgic dive into this simple yet profound element of Japanese cuisine.

From salted salmon and pickled plum to more contemporary fillings, each onigiri is a flavorful package of Japan’s culinary traditions. The rice, meticulously selected and cooked, complements the freshness and quality of the fillings, making each bite a delightful experience.

Ask for seasonal specials, as Yadoroku prides itself on using ingredients at their peak freshness. Additionally, pairing onigiri with a bowl of miso soup or pickled vegetables from the menu can enhance the dining experience

15. Ramen Nijubunnoichi: best ramen restaurant in Tokyo

Ramen Nijubunnoichi is celebrated as one of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo Japan, drawing ramen aficionados with its exceptional broth and perfectly crafted noodles.

The food served at Nijubunnoichi is a deep dive into the complexity of ramen, with a menu that features a variety of broth types, from the rich and creamy tonkotsu to the delicate and fragrant shoyu.

The noodles are made in-house, ensuring the perfect texture to complement each soup. The toppings, from tender slices of chashu to aromatic green onions, add layers of flavor and texture, making each bowl a comprehensive culinary creation.

Experiment with different broth and noodle combinations and inquire about limited-time specials, which often feature innovative and seasonal ingredients.

Additionally, pairing ramen with a side of gyoza or a cold beer can round out the dining experience, offering a glimpse into the popular pairing habits of local ramen lovers.

16. The Pizza Bar on 38th: best pizza in Tokyo

The Pizza Bar on 38th is acclaimed as one of the best pizza restaurants in Tokyo, offering an exquisite fusion of Italian tradition and Japanese craftsmanship.

The menu combines classic Italian toppings with innovative, Japanese-inspired creations, resulting in unique flavors that can’t be found elsewhere. The attention to detail extends to the fermentation of the dough and the precise cooking technique, ensuring every pizza is a masterpiece.

Engage with the chef, who is often happy to recommend pizzas based on personal preferences or to explain the concept behind each creation.

Pairing pizza with a selection from the restaurant’s extensive wine list or craft beers can enhance the dining experience, making The Pizza Bar on 38th not just a meal, but a culinary event.

It’s the destination for those seeking the best pizza experience in Tokyo, blending artistry with the finest ingredients.

17. Kurobuta Tonkatsu Horiichi: best tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo

Kurobuta Tonkatsu Horiichi is renowned as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan for tonkatsu, specializing in the premium Kurobuta (black pork) that sets its dishes apart.

Horiichi is a celebration of tonkatsu, featuring succulent cuts of Kurobuta pork that are breaded and fried to golden perfection. The crisp exterior contrasts beautifully with the tender, juicy meat inside.

The menu also includes a variety of side dishes, such as cabbage salad and miso soup, to complement the tonkatsu.

Try the restaurant’s signature tonkatsu sauce, which is carefully crafted to enhance the flavors of the pork. Additionally, exploring the different cuts of pork can provide insight into the subtleties of tonkatsu cuisine.

18. Yoshoku Bistro Toyama: best yoshoku restaurant in Tokyo

Yoshoku Bistro Toyama is celebrated as the best yoshoku restaurant in Tokyo, offering a creative take on Western-inspired Japanese cuisine.

The food served at Toyama is a delightful exploration of yoshoku, with a menu that includes classic dishes like omurice, beef stew, and spaghetti Neapolitan, all reimagined with a modern twist and the highest quality ingredients.

Sample the chef’s specials, which often feature seasonal ingredients and innovative combinations that showcase the culinary creativity of yoshoku cuisine. They also have a selection of wines and cocktails to pair with your meal.

19. Maz: best innovative restaurant in Tokyo

Maz is acclaimed as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, capturing the imagination of diners with its avant-garde approach to cuisine.

The menu at Maz is a constantly evolving exploration of modern culinary techniques, including molecular gastronomy and fusion cuisine, resulting in dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

Order the tasting menu, a curated journey through the chef’s latest creations. This allows you to experience the full scope of the restaurant’s innovative approach.

20. L’Effervescence: best French restaurant in Tokyo

L’Effervescence is celebrated as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, offering a sublime dining experience that marries classic French techniques with the seasonal bounty of Japan.

The food served at L’Effervescence, crafted by the chef with a focus on sustainability and innovation, features dishes that are both beautiful and deeply flavorful. Each course is a celebration of quality and creativity, from delicate starters to sumptuous mains and exquisite desserts.

Explore the wine pairing options, which are thoughtfully selected to complement the flavors of each dish. The restaurant’s sommelier can guide guests through a selection of fine wines from France and beyond, enhancing the dining experience.

21. Santosham: best Indian restaurant in Tokyo

Santosham is heralded as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, bringing the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of Indian cuisine to the heart of the city.

From the aromatic biryanis of the south to the rich curries of the north, each dish is prepared with authenticity and a deep respect for the ingredients.

The chefs at Santosham use traditional techniques and spices to create dishes that are both authentic and innovative, offering a taste of India that is both familiar and novel.

Ask the staff for recommendations on regional specialties or to explore the restaurant’s vegetarian offerings, which are as flavorful and varied as their meat-based counterparts.

Pairing meals with traditional Indian beverages, such as lassi or masala chai, can further enhance the dining experience. Santosham provides a culinary journey through India, making it the top choice for those seeking the best Indian cuisine in Tokyo.

22. Prisma: best Italian restaurant in Tokyo

Prisma shines as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan offering a refined and authentic Italian dining experience that stands out in the city’s competitive culinary landscape.

The menu features a wide array of dishes from various regions of Italy, including handmade pasta, succulent meats, and fresh seafood, all prepared with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the culinary traditions of Italy.

Explore the restaurant’s seasonal specials, which showcase the best of Italy’s seasonal ingredients. Prisma’s wine list is carefully curated to include a selection of Italian wines from different regions.

23. Zurriola: best Spanish restaurant in Tokyo

Zurriola is celebrated as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, bringing the vibrant flavors and lively spirit of Spain to the heart of the city.

The food served at Zurriola is a culinary journey through Spain, featuring a diverse menu that includes tapas, paellas, and other Spanish specialties. Each dish is crafted with authenticity and flair, using the finest ingredients to recreate the tastes of Spain in Tokyo.

Indulge in the restaurant’s selection of Spanish wines and sherries, which have been expertly chosen to pair with the menu.

Participating in a tapas-style dining experience allows guests to sample a variety of dishes and flavors, making Zurriola an ideal spot for those looking to immerse themselves in the gastronomic delights of Spain.

24. Hasuo: best Korean restaurant in Tokyo

Hasuo emerges as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, offering an authentic and deeply flavorful exploration of Korean cuisine.

The menu at Hasuo includes a wide range of dishes from hearty stews and grilled meats to delicate vegetable sides and fermented dishes like kimchi. The use of high-quality ingredients, including imported spices and condiments, ensures that each dish is bursting with flavor.

Explore the restaurant’s Korean BBQ offerings, which provide a fun and interactive dining experience. Order traditional Korean drinks, such as soju or makgeolli to pair with your food!

25. Ethica: best Mexican food in Tokyo

Ethica has earned its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, serving the authentic taste of Mexico’s rich culinary landscape.

From the smoky flavors of Oaxacan mole to the fresh tang of Baja ceviche, each dish is prepared with authenticity and a deep respect for traditional recipes.

Explore the restaurant’s assortment of tequilas and mezcals, which have been carefully selected to complement the menu.

Ethica stands out as the must-visit destination for those craving the best Mexican cuisine in Tokyo, promising a memorable dining experience filled with flavor and festivity.

26. Old Nepal: best Nepali restaurant in Tokyo

Old Nepal is celebrated as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, offering a genuine taste of Nepal’s rich and diverse culinary traditions.

Old Nepal showcases the flavors and ingredients characteristic of Nepalese cuisine, with a menu that includes a variety of curries, momos (dumplings), and dal bhat (lentil soup served with rice), among other specialties.

Ak the staff for recommendations on traditional Nepali beverages, such as chai or raksi (a traditional Nepali alcoholic beverage), to accompany their meal.

Additionally, exploring the vegetarian options on the menu can offer insight into the versatility and richness of Nepali cuisine.

27. Bepocah: best Peruvian restaurant in Tokyo

Bepocah has established itself as one of the best restaurants in Tokyo Japan, delivering an exceptional dining experience that highlights the rich culinary heritage of Peru.

Bepocah is a celebration of Peruvian flavors, with a menu that artfully combines indigenous ingredients with Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese influences, reflecting the multicultural heritage of Peruvian cuisine.

Dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado, and anticuchos are prepared with precision and flair, showcasing the depth and diversity of flavors that Peruvian cuisine has to offer.

Explore the restaurant’s selection of Pisco cocktails, which provide a perfect introduction to Peru’s national spirit.

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